P-6 Full Range Speakers

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    Performer inherited the excellent design of the original G series, continue to the G - phase ™ passive frequency division technology of phase shift, ensure the accuracy of sound localization, especially the crossover point of the coupling processing of high frequency, achieve the unity of the sequence.

    The Performer speaker has a fine high frequency, clear and bright middle frequency, and a deep low frequency. It fit for the requirements of music performance and music appreciation. Also fit for the demand of slow roll bar and other places of entertainment.
    Performer products are designed for both 6-inch full-frequency speakers that fit for the needs of small venues or background music, as well as double-15-inch full-frequency speakers that fit for the performance needs of large and medium venues both indoors and outdoors. The product line is designed to cover most of the application sites of professional audio systems.

    P6 is designed for one 6.5 " woofert and 1 only 3" conical high-frequency unit composed of two speakers, built-in G - Phase ™ passive divider. 8 Ω impedance, power rating of 80 w, high sensitivity and low converter (to provide high quality sound effects and superior transient response).The cabinet is made of 12mm high density board and black paint.

    Frequency range 80Hz –18kHz (+/- 3dB)
    driver 1 x6.5”woofer
    1 x3” high frequency
    impedance 8Ω
    sensitivity@ 1W/1m 92dB
    Power RMS 80W
    Power pink 320W
    program/Max spl 95dB/99dB
    Enclosure Material 12mm(0.5”)plywood
    hanging Integrated hanging
    Colour Black
    Grille Reinforced steel with acoustic sponge
    Interface 2 x SpeakOn NL4
    Size(Wx D x H) 200mm x191mm x 328mm
    Weight 7kgs
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