E-15 Full Range Speakers

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    Entertainer series loudspeaker is specially designed for KTV, nightclubs, bars and other entertainment places.According to the application requirements of entertainment places, this series of loudspeakers adopt the post-conducting phase design. The speaker is installed close to the wall, and the frequency below 150Hz is reflected through the wall and multiplied, providing ultra-low frequency dynamic.This series built-in G - Phase ™ passive divider, configuration (50 ° 90 ° low losss rotating G - Horn ™ Horn, achieve the high precision of directivity, at the same time reduce the distortion.

    E15  is designed for one 15 " woofer and 2" composite membrane treble driver, built-in G - Phase ™ passive divider, configuration (50 ° 90 ° low losss rotating G - Horn ™ Horn, the cabinet USES 18 mm high strength plywood production.

    Frequency response:                         45Hz –20kHz (+/- 3dB)
    Drive Units:                                           1 x15” woofer 
                                                                    1 x2” high frequency 
    Impedance:                                           8Ω
    Sensitivity:                                             101dB
    Power RMS:                                          500W
    Power pink:                                           2000W
    Program/Max SPL:                              130dB/134dB
    Dispersion (@ 2kHz H x V) :              90° x 50° rotated
    Enclosure Material:                             18mm(0.7”)plywood 
    Hanging:                                                Integrated hanging 
    Colour :                                                  Black 
    Grille:                                                      Reinforced steel with acoustic sponge 
    Interface:                                                2 x SpeakOn NL4
    Size(Wx D x H):                                     440mm x457mm x 690mm
    Weight:                                                  32kgs

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