SUB 15 Sub Woofer

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    Universal series of sub-woofer, speakers mainly include SUB15, SUB15S, SUB18 and SUB218, mainly with Performerseries and Entertainer series of  full-frequency speakers.

    The SUB series are all band-pass design, featuring small volume, large dynamic, and soft low frequency lower limit, making the sound concentrated, soft and thick.

    SUB15,SUB15S sub-woofer
    With the G9 Entertainer series to meet the bass requirements of the sound field;
    The high-power woofer extends the low-frequency output of the sound;
    Low power compression, high sensitivity;
    18 mm  birch plywood, surface wear - resistant spray paint treatment;
    The flat box design of SUB15S increases the width of the product and reduces the height of the product compared with SUB15.
    Fit for the requirements of KTV private rooms with beautiful and simple installation of low-frequency speakers. 

    Frequency range: 36Hz – 380Hz (+/- 3dB)
    Driver: 1 x15” woofer
    Impedance: 8Ω 
    Sensitivity@ 1W/1m: 103dB 
    Power RMS: 500W 
    Power pink: 2000W 
    Program/Max spl: 128dB/134dB 
    Enclosure Material: 18mm Plywood
    Color: Black
    Interface: 2 x SpeakOn NL4
    Size(Wx D x H): 620mm x600mm x 460mm 
    Weight: 32kgs/35kgs

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